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Business and Management


Management skills are required not just for someone in a manager position but also the supervisors and personnel who needs to communicate with people in order to complete a task. This doesn't only means giving orders but also communication, problem solving, networking, leadership, being a team player, time management, awareness, decision making and taking initiative. I am proud to say that I improved my management skills during the university by working with different clubs and organizations. You can see the EXPERIENCES page for more information of Clubs. I work hard for any task required from me, use initiative and take responsibility for my work. I believe that if every employee has a certain amount of management skills with the responsible character the jobs would be much easier. You can find a project management report examples that I worked on as a the project manager below in the links.



     You can find information about the skills I was able to conquer and currently improving here. I tried to get in detail and put links for downloads or relevant websites. Some titles are less detailed because they can be explored in other sections of this website. 


Technical Writing and Presentation


Technical writing and presenting are two of the most important skills you should have in business life. It is composed for workplace and it is intended to communicate to a specific audience, for a specific purpose. They are the delivery of technical information to readers/ audience in a manner that is adapted to their needs, level of understanding, and background. A technical writer/ presenter analyzes target people and creates a formal document in need. I am able to write business letters (informative, inquiry, adjustment, claim etc.), emails, incident reports, user manuals etc. and prepare a detailed technical presentation. You can download some of the examples I wrote below.

Language and Literature


Language is an essential skill for our society and business world. Even though I studied French and succeeded to Level B: Independent User (Threshold or intermediate) in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEF) of Council of Europe (COE) I wasn't able to practice much lately. My native language is Turkish but I also have a native fluency in English. I might be able to use English better than Turkish in some areas because my education language is English since kindergarten and I spend most of my summers in foreign countries or touristic sites.


Literature is both an art and tool for me. I am a book enthusiastic and do lots of research. The reason I listed listerature as a skill is because with good language and little hardwork you can express yourself and convince people while you are informing them about any specific case. You can download some examples of my works (book reports, projects,  summaries etc.) relevent to my language skills. Some of them are in English and some in Turkish.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)


My scientist skills are more self-developed than properly learned in a classroom. I tried and failed about life science (biology) but succeeded in physical science (Physics) and formal sciences (mathematics, logic, statistics etc.). You can download an example project from below about perpetual motion model.

I believe the main reason for me to be able to put technology as as a skill is that I am good at research and worked years to learn about it. Similarly, engineering skills are a necessity for me as this is my profession. You can read more about them on the ENGINEERING section.

Mathematics is a natural gift to me. It was my favorite course when I was a kid. I joined math clubs (high-school), got in contests (Tübitak Math Olympiads) and made projects about things like Golden ratio and Pi. You can check the School column of EDUCATION for this. Also, I believe it is safe to say that, because of my mathematical skills and some experiences in real life, I am good at economics even though I only had a quick course for macro and micro economy and never worked in that area.

Visual Arts, Photography, and Cinema


Visual arts are both a hobby and a skill for me. I am successful at charcoal drawings, oil painting, sculpture and ceramics. I participated few exhibitions mostly in TED in elementary and middle school with my paintings. I later attended RAMFEST Art Festival of Koç High School with a Three-Dimensional Painting/ Mask Canvas. But lately I usually read a book if I don't have anything on. 


Photography is a paying hobby for me. I was the official photographer of Özyeğin University and worked as an event photographer with OzU 360 which you can learn more in the EXPERIENCES page. I also do private photo-shoots and editing by request, mostly in studios. You can find more information in my Photography website.

Cinema is a personal interest and a hobby for me. I took courses about different subjects in cinema and worked with the cinema club of my university in almost every title. You can check the Clubs of EXPERIENCES section in the ABOUT part for learning more on CineOzU. You can also download some examples of my individual and team works from the courses I took about cinema below.

Sports and Martial Arts


I've always been interested in sports. I achieved many medals and got accepted to more than few teams in different branches. I am good at them and achieved many medals and got accepted to more than few teams in different branches. I started with swimming and involved myself in the Galatasaray Sports Club at a very young age. I played tennis at Saint-Joseph Club. I was a medal winning runner and I participated in marathons like The Intercontinental İstanbul Eurasia Marathon. I was in the ice-hockey team of TED Istanbul College for a while. 


I was lucky to discover that my true talent was in the field of martial arts. Now it is a professional interest with different disciplines of martial arts. You can see more details in MARTIAL ARTS section.

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