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     I have more than one hobby and I even have a considerable place about some of them. You can check the MARTIAL ARTS or PHOTOGRAPHY sections for information about them. These are the less-professional hobbies that I am interested and spent time on.

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     I've always been interested in sports. I am good at them and achieved many medals and got accepted to more than few teams in different branches. I started with swimming and involved myself in the Galatasaray Sports Club at a very young age. I was interested in water sports and learned sailboarding and practiced couple of years even though I never joined a team or participated a contest. I played tennis at Saint-Joseph ClubI am good at individual sports like archery, fencing or athletics. I declined to join any team for these branches because I was in another sports team for another branch. I joined some competitions and gained medals. I participated and will probably participate again to the marathons like The Intercontinental İstanbul Eurasia Marathon. I was in an ice-hockey team for a while and I was very good at skating. Later I learned and improved myself in skiing and cycling, and I still practice when I can. I was lucky to discover that my true talent was in the field of martial arts. I always had a sidekick sports branch over the years but martial arts was my main activity. 


     I am interested in every kind of visual arts. I enjoy theatres, I am a photographer, I draw and paint. But cinema is probably the biggest and complicated art form of our century and I always loved it. I worked in some amateur films in different places and times. I was responsible for lots of different duties. I became the president of the cinema club in university after working in every stage and helped the club redesign. I worked four years for the club. It was couple of people who likes cinema when I first enrolled and I am proud to say that it became the best club in many ways including events and friendship values in the university. I took courses about cinema and film movements. With my self-education and the courses from cinematic professors I become very knowledgeable in cinema for a hobby.

On my own...

     I spend a certain amount of my free time on my own. I enjoy being alone, I believe some alone time with a relaxed activity can ease your mind. I rarely watch TV and usually learn about the news from internet. I enjoy charcoal drawings, oil painting, sculpture and ceramics. I participated few exhibitions with my paintings. But lately I just read a book if I don't have anything on.

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