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     I was born in 1994 in İstanbul, Turkey. I attended TED İstanbul College through middle school with several scholarships. I also started my martial arts trainings there. In 2009, I chose TED İstanbul High School because of the quality of education and solid English curriculum. I successfully completed several summer schools and camps over the years. In 2012, I started Özyeğin University as an undergraduate student in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering. In the meantime I worked on my photography skills and became a professional. Then, after some industry experience and engineering trainings, I started my Master studies in Tallinn University of Technology at Mechatronics Engineering department. I completed part of my degree in RWTH Aachen University. Every country I moved, I am able to do my engineering, martial arts, and photography even though it changes shapes from time to time.

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